Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Vice Interview

A few guys we know are putting on the third of their regular film events at the Notting Hill Arts Club. Reely and Truly is a series of screenings of old and new short films followed by a party. Sounds like fun. We had a chat with Ali about tonight’s film spectacular so you can know what to expect. Vice: So, tell us about the event. What is it, where is it, and who is behind it?

Ali: The idea was to resurrect Mark Lebon’s film night, Reely. He set it up in the late 80s in what used to be Kensington Market. I approached Tyrone, Mark’s son and the brains behind DoBeDo, and we came up with Reely and Truly. The Reely and Truly team consists of Tyrone Lebon, Mark Lebon, Phoebe Collings James and Alexander Hislop – that’s me. Each month we open with an hour of short films curated by DoBeDo, featuring the work of both young filmmakers and some of the original Reely contributors. We also invite a guest photographer each month to shoot and project an exclusive slide show that plays as the visual accompaniment to the party that happens after the screening. No VJs, we promise.

Thank Christ for that. So the event will be a monthly mix of old and new films?
Yeah, we have a load of films by some of the original contributors, lots of Super 8 and then a bunch of new stuff from DoBeDo contributors. This month’s highlights include an animation of a woman and her excrement, a sexy animation and a short about Yuletide indigestion. There is no brief; we end up showing a pretty eclectic range of stuff.

And after the films you have a party? Sounds like a nice way to round off some excrement animation.
Yeah! Fun. Lots of drinking and playing records. You should come.

I can’t, because I am at the premiere of this, but if I could I would.
The guys also produce a great-looking zine to accompany each of the shows, which they give away free to the first 50 film lovers through the door. They look like this:img135

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