Saturday, 11 July 2009

Nick Jensen section selection for GM site

Ok so here are three skate video sections I have chosen to show you.

I have specifically decided to concentrate on 3 of my favourite New York sections.

Interestingly each skater is /or was sponsored by the same board company- Alien Workshop.

The first section is Jason Dill from Photosynthesis. This is one of the best skate videos ever! His section was one of the most original. If you imagine that I was born in 1984, 2 years after the first skate video Bones Brigade had come out. I didn’t start skating until I was 9 so I had already missed the most ground breaking video parts. They didn’t have the same relevance and impact as say Mouse or Photosynthesis. The reason I am choosing Jason Dill over Guy Mariano (who had the most ridiculous part in Mouse) is because he seemed to be thinking about skateboarding from a totally unique point of view. His section, is by no means as technical as Guy Mariano’s but he does have one of the most memorable lines ever filmed. (The line in downtown Manhattan where he picks up his board mid way through and ollie’s a huge gap.)

The second section which I have chosen is Anthony Papalardo in Mosaic. Mosaic was a Habitat video but it included an Alien workshop segment. This video came about three years after Photosynthesis in 2003. Anthony Papalardo’s section was so shocking to me. He had had an amazing part in Photosynthesis but it was nothing like this part. You cold tell he was gnarly, he takes a couple of really bad slams on the nose-wheelie into the bank, but he goes back and makes sure he lands it. He was obviously on a mission and he was pushing himself to the limit. I felt so crap at skating after that, but in a good way, it made me realize how much of a pussy I was.

The last section is Jake Johnston from Mind Field, Alien Workshops fourth and latest video. He stands alone in that video. Watching his part now reminds me of what it was like to watch Papalardo’s 6 years ago. Most of his tricks are filmed at skate spots people have never seen, somewhere in the dark depths of New York . He too like Anthony Papalardo and Jason Dill has one trick that stand out the most. It’s the wall ride he does down the side of a double set. In fact I have actually seen this double set in New York when I went on holiday about two years ago, so I know how fucking hard that must have been. Check it out!

Jake Johnson Mindfield from Emil Sällström on Vimeo.

Hope you enjoy the east coast flavour?


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