Monday, 30 March 2009

Wah Magazine : GETME! feature

GETME! is a West London party crew that are about 'creative people doing music, art, dancing and fun' as Rosa, GETME's female representative describes. It all began almost accidentally simply as a party for Rosa's 18th: 'I got the room above the Pelican pub on All Saints road and asked Alex (Lixo) and Russel (Moneybags) to dj. The pub made loads of money on the bar so I didn't have to pay any charge for the room. After that me and Al asked the manager if we could do it again; she takes the money on the bar, we take the money on the door. Those early ones were great - just us and all of our friends in a little room with decks and a bar.' Two years later and GETME! has getting all over town bringing their own style of non pretentious entertainment to fun hungry party kids.

Having held hugely successful warehouse parties, curated art exhibitions alongside South London collective Crystal Vision and had their djs moving crowds at some of the hottest East London club nights such as Work It and Gash, GETME! are managing to make a big impact on people's nighttime movements whilst staying true to the vibe of the area that bore the night; playing hip-hop, dancehall and party tunes to a cosmopolitan crowd. Finding a regular home for GETME! has been a bit of a challenge, 'it was really hard to find somewhere to do it. There is Neighbourhood, Westbourne Studios, the Globe, some rooky places up Portobello but that's pretty much it. In East London you can’t even begin to count how many places there are. Also people are always starting new nights and doing parties there, club managers are used to it. Here they just didn’t really understand. I am so glad its working with the Globe at the moment. It offers something different to East London. It shows what Ladbroke Grove is about.' With their positive vibe the GETME! gang are giving people a much needed new place to dance away their Saturday nights- we hope to see you there.

Words : Flora Watters

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