Thursday, 21 August 2008

Carnival 2008

Pretty much the best party in London. Nothing quite like paying £10 for some battery jerked chicken amidst the constant mild paranoia that some angry rudeboys might "shank you". These are minor problems outwayed by the fun one can have drinking all day, minus the guilt, with your friends.I am quite predictable come carnival as i tend to hang around Talbot road, not that that is a bad thing as both Gaz's stage and Rampage are situated there.
Also gonna check out the Major Lazer launch thing as GETME! regulars "The Heatwave" will be playing alongside Diplo, Switch, Toddla T and Mumdance. Its next to 12 Acklam road, where the portobello jazz festival was.

I will be playing on the Sunday at WORK IT, 11-12.